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Globally Local

Our country’s borders are soon reached when it comes to doing business. This doesn’t apply to the borders of our services, because these extend as far as your ambitions.

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Property and construction law

Prevention before proceedings

A large chemical factory is being built on the Maasvlakte site. There is a dispute between the main European contractor and a French subcontractor about the additional costs and extra work, which escalates quickly.

The subcontractor threatens to suspend construction. As a response, it emerges that the main contractor has already obtained temporary work permits for workers from Taiwan and the Philippines in order to be able to continue the work.

On behalf of the French contractor, we confer with the Dutch Employment Services, the Minister and a number of members of the Lower House of Parliament. The permits for the non-European workers are revoked. Thanks to these direct negotiations, the dispute can be settled and the work is immediately resumed, without any later proceedings. This highlights our philosophy: preventive legal action prevents proceedings.

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